Isn’t it amazing how much time we spend in life trying to convince others that we are OK? One friend concerned about my spiritual well being asked, “You haven’t become one of those ‘new age’ types have you?

It is one thing to be Yanni or John Tesh and be called “new age”. Sincere evangelicals overlook that label if the music is good. It’s different with writers and their books. While I would not label myself “new age”, I acknowledge that evangelicals will disagree.

I thought I ought to be honest from the outset, in part because you may know me from my first or second books, The Faces of Rage and The Influential Parent. The emphasis of this blog is different but it still has my voice and is rooted in my experience as a counselor, educator, husband, and friend.

Almost 15 years has passed since I wrote my first book. I was younger, more insecure, and immersed in the quest to understand the relationship between God and personal loss. My public description of my personal journey began with The Faces of Rage and continues through to this one. 15 years from now, I hope I will still be writing about life as I experience it.

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