Phone calls from God

If you've never gotten a phone call from God, the call sounds something like this:

"Hello JC, this is so and so... you've been on my mind for weeks and so I thought I'd give you a call to say..."

"That is so wierd." I say, "I have been thinking about you too."

So and so is someone I used to see as a client more than a dozen years ago. And I had been thinking about him a few weeks before his call. During our conversation I told him I was as glad to get his call as if I'd gotten a call from God Himself. He seemed taken aback - like I was not really serious. But I really felt that way.

The connection between so and so's phone call and my sense of God's presence in my life is not as easy to describe as it is to experience. There was an immediacy between us that trancended time - as though the paths our lives have taken since our regular meetings were not divergent but side-by-side and parallel. I wonder if had only looked sideways now again if I would not have seen him standing next to me each time.

We spent the better part of two hours talking, catching up, laughing, and recalling conversations that had been meaningful to us both. When I hung up I felt as though I had been in fellowship - not because we talked about God, faith, or Christian practice, but because we bore witness to each other's lives and honored a shared history that caused each of us to wonder about the other - if only from time to time.

Time and space contribute to the way our bodies experience and define distance. But the brain part of our being - and wherever it is that our spiritual selves reside - know no such definition because they aren't bound by time and space. When my body is incapable of traveling (without mechanical assistance) much more than a few miles in any given hour, the brain and spiritual part of me can travel seeming light years at the sound of a familiar voice or the recognition of a familiar image or smell.

Much has already passed under the bridge of my life. In time and space terms, I'm at the mid-point of a little past. But with phone calls from God, a sense of what is timeless fills me so that I am no longer on the bridge looking at my life as it rushes downstream, leaving me with a sense of having aged. Is this what it feels like to be immortal or eternal? I wonder. What I do know is that I am thrilled that so and so called because I looked sideways and saw God.

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